Why you shouldn’t invest in a social media strategy

  • Use social media as a way to spread a story, but don’t make it a goal on its own. If you do so, you won’t be able to use social to its full potential.
  • Telling your story and adding value is what works. However, a story isn’t captured in two lines of copy and an image, and therefore social isn’t the place to do so. Go in-depth, tell that story!
  • You don’t ‘own’ any of your social channels, so you only have limited control over them. Use your owned media (such as your website but preferably a content platform) to distribute if you want to be in control!
  • Social media should always be a part of a content strategy, to harvest its real power.
  • What you should invest in is the way you’re going to distribute your content on social media. Which platforms are we going to use, how do I visualize my brand, which tone of voice is the right fit, etc.



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