Why you shouldn’t invest in a social media strategy

If you’re a marketer, small business owner or even a CEO you are probably aware of the power of social media. Sure, every business may use different platforms for different reasons, but in this digital day and age, you are probably visible on at least one channel. You want the things you post on these social channels to be coherent with your business strategy, communication pillars, and this requires some thinking and planning. This is usually where a social media strategy comes in. Which you do not need, as it is a waste of money and time. And here’s why.

  • Telling your story and adding value is what works. However, a story isn’t captured in two lines of copy and an image, and therefore social isn’t the place to do so. Go in-depth, tell that story!
  • You don’t ‘own’ any of your social channels, so you only have limited control over them. Use your owned media (such as your website but preferably a content platform) to distribute if you want to be in control!
  • Social media should always be a part of a content strategy, to harvest its real power.
  • What you should invest in is the way you’re going to distribute your content on social media. Which platforms are we going to use, how do I visualize my brand, which tone of voice is the right fit, etc.

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