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Do you ask your friends for advice? Do you trust them? And if they would start their own business, would you support them? The answer is probably ‘yes’. Friends support and trust each other. Friends buy from friends. Am I stating the obvious here? Then it does surprise me that so many brands only see their customers as, well customers. Not friends. I get it, becoming friends is hard work. You need to get to know each other, see if there is a match. Offer value to their lives. Be there when they need you. Offer them ‘content’. But you know what, that hard work does pay of. As one of the most influential content marketers in the world, Andrew Davis, likes to put it: “Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”

Thankfully, our good friends at Google designed an amazing model for programming Youtube content, which here at Strangelove we use as a ‘friendship building’ model for all brands we work with. You might have heard about it: the Hub, Hero, Help (often named Hygiene) framework. Hub, Hero, Help was originally developed to create layered video content on a consistent base. Making sure people will find and love your videos and that they keep coming back, just like good friends do. Building the content to the top, with a solid base layer. …

Let’s just be honest about it: nowadays, your 14-year-old tech-savvy neighbour can download all the design tools we as professionals are using. And with some technical knowledge and persistency, any enthusiast amateur can whip up a half-decent logo or website. No need to use an actual trained designer, right? We’ve let our followers ask one of our designers their most burning questions on design, and based on the most frequently asked questions we’ve set up this article, so you don’t miss out!

What makes a design, a good design?

Ah, the age-old question. Good design should set your brand apart…

If you’re a marketer, small business owner or even a CEO you are probably aware of the power of social media. Sure, every business may use different platforms for different reasons, but in this digital day and age, you are probably visible on at least one channel. You want the things you post on these social channels to be coherent with your business strategy, communication pillars, and this requires some thinking and planning. This is usually where a social media strategy comes in. Which you do not need, as it is a waste of money and time. And here’s why.

The time that we could reach potential clients by handing out flyers and throw folders through the letterbox is pretty much over. In this digital world a lot of advertising and promoting also happens, well, online, but how this is done exactly remains pretty unknown to a lot of people. We’ve let our followers ask our online advertising specialist Aylin their most burning questions on advertising, and based on the most frequently asked questions we’ve set up this article so you don’t miss out!

Why should I advertise in the first place?

With advertisements your options are limitless, so the…


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